Cosplay Commissions

I can make a wide variety of costumes, I range from full ballgowns to a simple pair of trousers.

Princess Daisy from Super Mario Golf:  £55


I am studying Costume, and have had years of experience working in theater and film.
My professional experience involves Parkinson Gill Costumers working on projects  including:

  • Swan Lake and the Nutcracker from the Scottish Ballet
  • Frankenstein at the Royal Opera House
  • Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre
  • Top Hat the musical in London’s West End


The price of any commission is broken down into two stages:

The cost of fabrics (paid the the start of the commission) + £10 an hour + shipping if applicable (due after the final product is aproved by you, before I ship it)

Princess Daisy above was £15 for materials (including the flower gem) + £40 for labor.
Payment is split into two to protect me from cancellations. You must first pay for the cost of fabrics then there will be a final payment for the cost of producing the costume.


I take commissions as my top priority. This means I can make and get a costume back to you quickly, depending on certain projects it can be finished in as little as a week.
Princess Daisy above took just one week from message to picture.


“Princess Daisy Review!
I got Miss Lluvia to make me Daisy’s tennis outfit and she did such an amazing job! The dress fits perfectly and looks beautiful!

The commutation was really good! I asked if I could see updates on the dress being made and I always given a picture pretty much everyday! I didn’t like the collar being so high and asked if it could be lower and I even drew on picture on where I would like it to be. Lluvia did such an amazing job on the collar, its exactly where I asked it to be and feels very comfortable!

I’m so happy with this dress! I cannot wait to October mcm to wear it and show it off! Ill be coming back for sure if I need any new outfits!

Thank you so much ♥”