Live action Belle from Beauty and the Beast

From the moment I saw the Live action remake of the Beauty and the Beast I knew I had to make a costume to show my love for the movies and the beautiful designs by Jacqueline Durran . Choosing which costume to remake from this movie was a tough decision, but eventually I decided that the iconic yellow dress was the challenge I needed. Every piece of this costume is handmade, every stone hand glued, the bodice hand embroidered and all the gold detailing hand painted. This project was ambitious and large, stretching my abilities and patience, but as soon as I stepped into the convention and saw the positivity that my costume was met with I was overjoyed that all my hard work had paid off. Throughout the day I attended several photo shoots and had many photo requests, but my personal highlights were seeing the faces of kids light up whilst seeing me walking through the streets on my way home.

I will definitely be wearing this costume to more conventions and I am currently working on a full Beast cosplay for my boyfriend and practising the dance so that we will be able to preform at future cons.